Are you planning a trip to St. Thomas during the Carnival season? If so, you’re in for a real treat! The Carnival in St. Thomas is a cultural explosion of music, dance, and colorful costumes, and it’s the perfect time to experience the island’s vibrant culture.

St. Thomas Carnival is one of the most popular and festive events in the Caribbean, and it’s been celebrated for over 100 years. The festivities start in April and continue for a month, culminating in a parade called the “Adult’s Parade” that takes place in Charlotte Amalie on April 29th.

If you’re visiting St. Thomas for the Carnival, here are some of the things you can do to make the most of your experience:

Attend the Carnival Village: This is the epicenter of the Carnival celebrations, where you’ll find food stalls, craft vendors, and live music performances. You’ll get a chance to taste local cuisine and drinks, shop for souvenirs, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

Watch the J’ouvert: This is an early morning parade that starts around 4 am and lasts until sunrise. Participants wear colorful costumes and cover themselves in paint and mud, and it’s a lively and energetic celebration of Caribbean culture.

Enjoy the food and drinks: St. Thomas is famous for its delicious cuisine, and during Carnival, you’ll find a wide variety of local dishes to try, including fried fish, conch fritters, and johnnycakes. Don’t forget to try the island’s signature cocktail, the Painkiller, made with rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut cream.

Explore the island: While the Carnival celebrations are the main attraction, St. Thomas has plenty of other things to see and do. You can take a scenic drive around the island, visit historical sites like Blackbeard’s Castle and Fort Christian, or spend a day at one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

Overall, St. Thomas Carnival is a fantastic time to visit the island and experience its unique culture. Whether you’re interested in music, dance, food, or history, there’s something for everyone at the Carnival. So pack your bags, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!