You can find luxury resorts across the USVI, so why stay in a villa, not one of these five-star resorts? Some of the reasons may surprise you! Castle at Cabrita overlooks Great Bay Harbor, the same bay you would enjoy gazing out at from the high-class Ritz Carlton of St. Thomas Resort. See why staying at a Castle at Cabrita may make more sense for your next luxury vacation than staying at your favorite resort!

1. Space and privacy

Though in a luxury resort, you have accessibility to all amenities they offer, you are in no way alone in enjoying your relaxing holiday. Whether it is a child screaming, another guest’s music, or any other distraction, it is easy to realize you are using a shared space. When renting a luxury villa like Castle at Cabrita, you have the entire property solely to yourself!! Enjoy peace and quiet throughout your rental knowing all amenities are just for you to enjoy exactly how you want to enjoy them! Enjoy the utmost privacy at Castle at Cabrita without anyone being able to see into your room, bathroom, or pool lounging!

2. Cost

Looking at the upfront cost of a luxury villa may make your eyes roll, but when you compare the two, the prices favor the villa! Renting a small one-bedroom room at a five-star resort on St. Thomas can cost upwards of $1,000 a night. With Castle at Cabrita’s 10-person accommodation, each couple would only be paying $650 and have an entire villa to themselves with premium privacy and the same level of luxury!!

3. Personalized touch

At Castle at Cabrita you are not just another guest to us. Your and your party’s satisfaction is our primary goal while you are here! With only one villa and one party to attend to at a time means you get our undivided attention! No need to call an unfamiliar concierge or be bounced from person to person to book an outing. At Castle at Cabrita, the same people you have interacted with since day one will take care of you during your stay! This personalized attention truly sets us apart because there is no booking agency to go through or times on hold. Connect directly with your villa hosts with any issues or need of assistance, and it will be handled immediately to ensure you can focus on your vacation!

4. Enjoy the same restaurants and excursions.

Just because you are staying at a Villa does not mean you cannot enjoy local resorts!! Our close neighbor, The Ritz Carlton, has unique excursions such as sunset sails, day charters, watersports rentals, and excellent restaurants you can still utilize! Enjoy the flexibility to see so much more than just the restaurants offered at a resort as well with driver services bookable through the villa to explore the culinary delight that St. Thomas can offer!!

With so many reasons to enjoy making memories with your chosen friends or family, why not make it a vacation to remember by staying at Castle at Cabrita. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we strive to ensure that you leave your stay with the best memories of a lifetime!